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Ce ne facem cu birocratia?

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Acum ca au trecut alegerile, desi incert deocamdata, putem sa trecem la lucruri mai importante: Cum rezolvam birocratia? Pun aceasta intrebare deoarece „taiem 30% din slujbele de la buget” s-ar putea dovedi groaznic de neprofitabil pe termen scurt. Si nu ma refer doar din punct de vedere politic prin contabilizarea voturilor care s-ar pierde printr-o astfel de masura.

Un articol din The Guardian analizeaza situatia din Marea Britanie cu foarte mare luciditate:

From Max Weber to Schumacher and Drucker, pundits have warned that the bigger these bureaucracies become, the more their arteries harden, concentrating power at the centre and resisting change.

Organisations such as the NHS, BBC and Home Office – to which RBS must be added – are called elsewhere parastatals. They exchange top officials and consultants with the government and City, enjoy easy access to public funds, and can rely on heavy Whitehall protection for their monopolies. Privatisation is no help, since the contracts merely balloon: there are now 10 times as many officials overseeing Britain’s railways under privatisation – and three times the subsidy – as under British Rail. Such entities are invulnerable since they can ensure that any threat to them will immediately hit safety or frontline services.

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Written by machiavellian

decembrie 9, 2009 at 9:43 am